Teaching English in Greece 2021 – A Simple Guide

Teaching English in Greece is one of the best options for individuals seeking to teach abroad. 

Greece has a charming mix of ancient culture and western civilization. Imagine a fantastic landscape, stunning antiquities, and exotic cuisines with warm and friendly people. You can earn a decent income and save while exploring top tourist destinations in the world.

Why Teach English in Greece

An average English teacher in Greece earns enough to cover basic living expenses and save, including the chance of getting free accommodation. English teachers in Greece have enough free time to explore the city and enjoy the Greek lifestyle, beauty, and culture. 

It doesn’t stop there. You can teach English in Greece with or without experience. Here is what it takes.

Teaching English Requirements in Greece

Greece has specific requirements for English teachers. You need;

  • A TEFL certificate
  • A Bachelor’s degree. 
  • EU citizenship and
  • Work visa

If you have no teaching experience, it is advised that you obtain your certificate through a TEFL program. Applying for a TEFL program in Greece can enjoy additional benefits like help with finding placement positions. 

How to get the best TEFL Programs

The cities are the top places to earn a TEFL certification. You will be trained in classroom management and lesson preparation. Training also involves a period of teaching practice before the certificate is issued.

You will find the best TEFL programs in cities like Athens, Thebes, Crete, and Thessaloniki. 

Thessaloniki offers access to a large community of international students. It is recognized as the cultural Capital of Greece. Athens, on the other hand, is very desirable for its historic and secure environment.

Where should you look for English Teaching Jobs?

With your TEFL certificate, you can get an English teaching job in any city of your choice. 

There is a high demand for English teachers in Greece. Therefore, getting a job is easy. Cities (like Athens, Thessaloniki, Thebes, Larissa, and Corfu) have big institutions usually ready to hire English teachers.

More opportunities 

You can also find openings to teach English in summer camps during the summer period.

How to apply for English Teaching jobs in Greece

Peak hiring periods for English teachers in Greece is at the start of the academic calendar, between September and January.

You should apply for teaching jobs just before the peak hiring period from August to December.

Teaching jobs are advertised in newspapers and on the internet.

You can also take your CV personally from one institution to another to apply. The typical hiring process involves an interview in person. Read on to see how you can excel at the interview and get the teaching job.

Preparing for teaching job interviews

– First, you must be acquainted with the English teaching system in Greece to succeed at interviews.

English classes in Greece are focused on the University of Cambridge ESOL examination and Kratiko. You should have considerable knowledge of these examinations to help you with job interviews.

You can also familiarise yourself with Cambridge preparation materials, lesson plans, exam tips, and practice questions on the internet. 

Preparing for the interview doesn’t stop there.

Average Contract length and earnings

It is crucial to find out the average earnings before going for your interview. This will give you an idea of what to bargain for.

Typical contract length for English teachers in Greece is between 6 to 12 months. 

Most institutions renew the contract yearly. English teachers work on an average of 12 – 15 hours per week. 

Now here is the good part. 

How much can you earn as an English teacher in Greece?

English teachers in Greece earn enough to cover basic expenses. 

The average monthly salary ranges from 1000 EUR to 1500 EUR. 

But there are more ways you can make extra income.

Increase Your Earnings by Exploring Private Tutoring Opportunities

Get private tutoring opportunities in Greece by familiarizing yourself with your English students. Make it known to them that you offer private lessons. 

Most private tutoring jobs are obtained through word of mouth. 

It would help if you did a lot of advertising for yourself. You may talk to the parents, make flyers and paste them in public places (like restaurants and parks).

How much should you charge for Private Tutoring?

There are different types of private English students in Greece. The type of private students you get will affect your charges. 

Let me explain.

Private tutor opportunities come in the form of; 

  • Business professionals
  • Private individuals and 
  • Public school children. 

Each type of English student requires knowledge for different purposes. 

Business professionals need basic conversational skills and business-related grammar while the private and public school students are usually focused on the Cambridge examinations. 

The purpose of tutoring will determine your charges and the level of preparation required. 

You can charge between 10 to 15 EUR per hour.

Teaching in Greece without EU Citizenship

Obtaining an English teaching job may be a challenge for teachers without EU citizenship. The Frontistiria (private language schools) favors teachers from EU countries. 

However, some English teachers get private tutoring job on a tourist visa.

Living in Greece

Greece has fantastic weather with a beautiful landscape that catches the eye. You can try out varieties of delicious cuisines and drinks. You can also learn Greek while you socialize and meet new people.

Many English teachers in Greece end up settling, getting married, and starting their own families. Some also choose to travel from one city to another to gain new experiences and feel the entire country.

Places to visit

You can be a tourist all year round with several unique destinations to explore in Greece. Tourist attraction sites such as Athens, Mount Olympus, Thessalonica, Rhodes, The Greek Islands of Mykonos and Santorini provide memorable experiences for English teachers in Greece.

Conclusion: An English teaching job in Greece is an opportunity of a lifetime. If you have read this article, you already understand the benefits the country offers English teachers. Take the first step to a fabulous new lifestyle in Greece by getting the requirements.

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