Why teach English in Greece? Tell me if you are not convinced

If getting a view of the incredible landscapes or a cerulean ocean as you go to work every morning sounds fascinating to you, then teaching English in Greece is an option you should definitely consider.

Greece is one of the few countries in Europe where you can make an income while having exciting adventures around top travel destinations in Greece and neighboring countries.

Explore the Ancient Acropolis and other ruins if you choose to work in Athens or visit the historic monasteries on cliffs if you decide to live close to Meteora. (I bet you have never seen a monastery perched on a 1,200 feet high cliff.)

With a charming mix of ancient culture and modern civilization; and a wide variety of English teaching jobs available, Greece attracts a high number of teachers from all around the world.

Here are more reasons as to why you should teach English in Greece.

You’ll always have free time to explore the country

There is a lot of free time to explore the beauty of Greece as an English teacher. The average English teacher works only about 12 to 15 hours a week. So you have more than enough time to tour the country.

You can visit the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Santorini, relax at the best beaches in Crete or see the impressive cliffs in Meteora. Some of the best places to visit in Greece as an English teacher includes:

  • Zagori (if you are a fan of great archaeology)
  • Peloponnese, the stunning leaf-shaped peninsula
  • The cliffs of Meteora (did I already mention monasteries on the cliff? They are amazing!)
  • Crete, where you’ll find the largest Greek Islands
  • Athens (the capital city with a charming mix of historical ruins and modern structures)

Earn extra income as an English teacher

The average English teacher in Greece earns between 1000 EUR to 1500 EUR a month. This is just about the monthly cost of living in Greece. But here is the juicy part.

You can make extra income by exploring opportunities in private tutoring. Most English teachers in Greece break even by taking private lessons. Some even make big money and can save enough to tour other parts of the world.

There are students and private individuals in need of extra English classes to prepare for the Cambridge exam and people in business looking to learn English to communicate with foreign partners. You can take as many of these offers as you can accommodate. Most private teachers charge between 10 EUR to 20 EUR per hour.

Possibility of getting free accommodation

Some schools offer free accommodation for English teachers besides a competitive salary and even health insurance. This is more likely if you have a TEFL certificate, teaching experience, and a degree and teaching license.

Nevertheless, the cost of living (including accommodation cost) in Greece is relatively low. Greece is known to be one of the EU countries with the lowest cost of living. The natives are friendly too so you won’t have a problem with getting affordable accommodation.

The best cities you can live in include Athens, Thessaloniki, Corfu, and Delphi. Living in Athens, being the capital is relatively more expensive than others. Greece’s entire scenery is breathtaking, so wherever you choose to stay, you’ll get unforgettable experiences.

Increasing demand for English teachers in Greece

You may have started wondering if everyone is not already teaching English in Greece. The answer is no.

Although there is a current struggle with sustainable economic development since the depression, Greece still has a high demand for English teachers.

Cities (like Athens, Thessaloniki, Thebes, Larissa, and Corfu) have big institutions usually ready to hire new English teachers. Therefore, you do not need to worry about finding teaching opportunities in Greece. What’s more, you can choose any city of your choice or teach for some time, and move to another city for a new experience. The average contract length is about six to twelve months.

And if you feel up to it during the summer period, there are openings to teach English in the summer camps.

Beautiful culture, weather, landscape, and friendly people

Greece has fantastic weather with a stunning landscape that catches the eye. This is one of the top reasons it still attracts a high number of English teachers. The variety of delicious cuisines, drinks, and friendly people together form a great environment.

Living and teaching in Greece provide an avenue to learn the Greek language and appreciate the Greek lifestyle. Many English teachers in Greece end up settling, getting married, and starting their own families in the country.

You can teach in Greece with or without experience

Although Greece has standard requirements for English Teachers, opportunities are open for both new and experienced teachers. So you do not have to bother if you have never had to stand in front of international students who do not understand much of your language.

The standard requirements include a degree, work visa, and a TEFL certificate. The type of degree doesn’t matter, and you do not need to understand the Greek language to get an offer. You may need to learn one or two words of Greek, though, so that you know what’s going on amongst your students.

As a foreigner, you may only teach in the private language schools known as Frontistiria. Besides, EU citizens are more likely to get a job faster than a person who is a non-EU citizen. However, if you have no teaching experience, it is advised that you get into a TEFL program.

Some TEFL programs in Greece come with additional benefits. They can help you find a placement after your graduation. You will find the best TEFL programs in Greece in cities like Athens, Thebes, Crete, and Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki offers access to a large community of international students and is recognized as the cultural Capital of Greece. Athens, on the other hand, is very desirable for its historic and secure environment.

Conclusion: If you are considering living and teaching in Greece, then meeting the English requirements in Greece is your first step to starting the new life you desire.